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非常感谢 2Portzamparc – Elizabeth and Christian de Portzamparc 予gooood分享以下内容。
Appreciations towards 2Portzamparc – Elizabeth and Christian de Portzamparc for providing the following description:

陪伴在尼姆竞技场旁边,这栋独特的博物馆在古老的街区和历史遗迹中,展现出别样的风采。该博物馆建筑的设计师为Elizabeth de Portzamparc。为了使这栋全新的建筑,既与历史老区相匹配,又不失新鲜活力,设计师独具匠心,将立面展现为垂直透明波动的轻质玻璃外观。其亮丽律动的外表与坚挺两个世纪的古老墙壁及拱券形成巨大的反差,又进而匹配出不一样的美。从某一方向看,建筑好似罗马拱券的铅垂线围合出的巨大柱型空间;换个角度看,它又似巨大的正方形体量包裹在庞大的罗马外袍之中。

In the midst of Nîmes’s exceptional vestiges of antiquity, Elizabeth de Portzamparc has set up a unique architectural dialog between this ancient heritage and contemporary architecture. Facing the Arenas, the museum’s design imbues this major site of classical antiquity with a new dynamism and a sense of complementarity, ensuring its rightful place in the city’s history. The soft and horizontal undulations, the predominance of glass, the transparence and the lightness of the Musée de la Romanité contrast with the verticality of the Arenas’ stone arches and their imposing mass that has stood there for nearly two millennia. On one side, a large cylindrical volume surrounded by the stone verticals of the Roman arches, on the other a large square volume, which seems to be floating and entirely draped in a toga of pleated glass.

▼博物馆与古建筑相映成趣,located among the historic district


The façade of the Musée de la Romanité is designed to highlight the building’s lightness, heighten the floating sensation and create visual tension with the Arenas. It supports 6,708 glass strips covering a surface of 2,500 m². Each strip holds seven screen-printed square tiles. The museum’s collections directly inspired the design of the façade. The glass squares subtly evoke Roman mosaics, which are among the major pieces of the collections (e.g. mosaic of “Penthea”). This work within a work and the kinetic effects of this unique façade accentuate the sensation of movement resulting in its constant metamorphosis as the day goes by and from one season to the next, creating a dialog with the city by reflecting its colors, the light and the surrounding city life.

▼轻盈律动的建筑外表,the floating facade


▼波动的金属板及方形玻璃构成建筑立面, strip and screen-printed square tiles composed the facade


Musée de la Romanité博物馆作为21世纪该城市的全新地标,将与该市其他重要历史遗迹一同延续其过去的风华。它不仅是一栋博物馆建筑,更是物质文化与非物质文化遗产保护项目的重要实施项目。该博物馆未来还将迎接海内外游客,作为该市的地标性建筑,向世界展示其悠久灿烂的历史与文化。

The Musée de la Romanité, the city’s future 21st century heritage, is designed to blend with the universal values of Nîmes and built around its Roman monuments, restoring their role as anchors and points of reference for the city. It is part of a wider program of preservation and enhancement of the material and immaterial heritage of the City of Nîmes. The future museum will be a key element of a coherent cultural and holistic policy at the service of a tourism which is open to the world.

▼立面随天色变化展现出不一样的外观,the facade reflects the city and the light

▼总平面图,master plan

Address: Boulevard des Arènes, 30 000 Nîmes
Program: Museum / Documentation center / auditorium / offices / café / shop / restaurant / archeological garden
Client: City of Nîmes
Architect: 2Portzamparc – Elizabeth and Christian de Portzamparc
Design architect: Elizabeth de Portzamparc
Museography: EDP et Associés – Designer: Elizabeth de Portzamparc
Project managers: Alexandre Belle (Director of the museographic project) Aldo Ancieta (Director of the building project)
Sarah Coriat (Building Project Manager)
Architect of the Historic Buildings: Alain-Charles Perrot
Associate architects: A+ Architecture, Gilles Gal (Associated Architect)
Julie Couderc (construction manager)
Landscape architecture: Méristème – Régis Guignard
Engineering firms / consultants:
Economist: L’Echo
Clerk of Works: Arteba
HQE: Celsius Environnement
Structure: Sarl André Verdier
Façade: RFR
Fluids: Louis Choulet
Lighting: Lightec and Stéphanie Daniel
Acoustics: Gamba Acoustique
Multimedia: Mardi 8
Technical overview: C&G
Security and accessibility consultants: CSD Faces Signage: Locomotion and Je Formule
Surface area: 10,500 m2 adjusted gross floor area / 9,200 m2 floor area
Competition: December 2011 / March 2012
Timeframe for works: 33 months for building + 7 months of museography
Delivery: building August 31 2017 / Final February 2018, opening to public in June 2018
Photographs: ©Serge Urvoy ©Aldo Ancieta ©Ville de Nîmes
Perspectives: ©2Portzamparc-Elizabeth de Portzamparc architecte

More: 2Portzamparc – Elizabeth and Christian de Portzamparc


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